Tales of an Introvert Living in an Extravert’s World

I am an introvert. That doesn’t mean that I’m shy, exactly. It’s more that I require lots of time on my own, getting lost in the world of my imagination. That’s part of what I love so much about traveling solo—it’s a perfect excuse to interact when and how I wish and then retract, replenishing myContinue reading “Tales of an Introvert Living in an Extravert’s World”

It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds

It’s always sunny above the clouds. That’s my first thought when taking off through the fog and gray, at the moment when blinding light bursts through the haze into the infinitely blue sky above. I love that it works both literally and figuratively, and it sets my travel mood to introspection. Perspective is a wonderful andContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds”

No Place Is Home

Since I graduated high school I have lived on four continents. I’ve lived in houses, apartments, condos and a tour bus. I have traveled for school, for work and for fun. I have not spent more than two consecutive years in any one abode. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. But the resultContinue reading “No Place Is Home”

Have Passport, Will Travel

This week’s post was intended to be light and fluffy, but after hearing of a fourth friend’s death in three weeks and attending a beautifully teary memorial yesterday, I’m not feeling particularly light. Reflective, yes. Light, no. So I find myself asking: What makes a life well-lived? I have not yet accomplished what I wantContinue reading “Have Passport, Will Travel”

Life is a First Draft

First drafts—like life—are messy, overly complicated, contain plot holes and unfinished character arcs. There are moments of greatness, but they tend to be squashed between long expositions and mundane details. The writer, in life and writing, must explore the entire story—every tangent and detour—to tease out the real heart of the thing. We’ve got to try it all on, see what fits. Figure out what is working and what isn’t. Then ask, “Why?”

Misogyny and Other Cock Blockers

**note from Sharisse** I originally planned to publish a blog about male feminists and how proud I am to be a part of this video for Lee’s new feminist anthem, “Boss Señorita.” Unfortunately, before I could post it, a misogynist went on a murdering spree in Santa Barbara. Lee and I, like a lot of people,Continue reading “Misogyny and Other Cock Blockers”

The Girl (Not) From Ipanema

A couple months ago my brother asked me if I’d like to go to Brazil. I said yes. I’ve made a point of saying yes to opportunity and this seemed like an easy choice. Who doesn’t want to go to Rio? My husband, son and I had just finished A Novel Music Tour and myContinue reading “The Girl (Not) From Ipanema”

Roam around the world with Sharisse Coulter…plus a book giveaway

This was published as a guest post over at Chick Lit Plus. To register to win the ebook, go to: http://www.chicklitcentral.com/2013/07/roam-around-world-with-sharisse.html) Today we have Sharisse Coulter here to talk about life on the road and some of her favorite places and experiences. Not only is she an author, but she also does photography and videography. HerContinue reading “Roam around the world with Sharisse Coulter…plus a book giveaway”

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

A Novel Music Tour: Week Two Now into our second week on the road, we’re old pros. I have now officially driven the Rig on the open road—even squeezed past an oversize vehicle on one side and a construction guardrail on the other. We’ve had the pleasure of learning the ropes of gray and blackContinue reading “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”