Sharisse Coulter Has Awkward Conversations (So You Don’t Have To)

I started a web series of interviews with my friends from diverse backgrounds as a way to resist the current administration’s attempts to divide us. There are a lot of challenging conversations to be had and we don’t all have to come from the same backgrounds or even ever agree on everything. What we need is civil discourse. And I figured what better way to demonstrate that than by talking to my real life friends about all the things we’re taught to avoid in polite society.

So in this episode of my series SHARISSE COULTER HAS AWKWARD CONVERSATIONS (SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO) I am talking to my friend, Michelle, about race, raising kids of color in America, feminism and black hair. It’s a lot of emotionally charged ground to cover and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


One thought on “Sharisse Coulter Has Awkward Conversations (So You Don’t Have To)

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  1. That was a beautiful conversation and is a beautiful friendship! Maybe there’s a way to invite us all to have loving respectful conversations that help us grow in understanding, compassion, love and create connection rather than division. I miss that. Thank you for this gift!


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