Adventures in Homemaking

I find myself at a crossroads. On the one hand, I feel very strongly about saving the environment and eliminating toxins from my home and food. I want to reduce waste. Grow food. Save water. Learn how to be more self-sufficient. On the other hand, I’m a work-at-home mom engaged in constant time triage—prioritizing tasks... Continue Reading →

In Love With Humanity

I had written a post about something entirely different yesterday, thinking no one would mind if I published it this morning instead, but then I saw the news in Belgium: Explosions in Brussels Airport. 31 Dead, 100 Injured. Instead of posting that other blog I wrote to a friend in Belgium to see if she... Continue Reading →

Still Busy

There's a lot of busy in the business of working for yourself. "How have you been?" My friends ask. "Busy! Good busy," I hear myself say proudly. I love that I keep getting asked to work on cool video projects. I love that my son wants me to come to his school's pancake breakfast. I... Continue Reading →

Trump and the Myth of Disconnection

Imagine this breaking news: "Aliens Attempt to Steal Earth’s Sun. Humanity Doomed Unless Aliens Defeated." As preposterous as this headline may be, it does one important thing. It unites humanity against a common foe. Lately in the news I hear a lot of “us” versus “them.” Whether it’s Republicans versus Democrats, Christians versus Muslims, black... Continue Reading →

My friend Rio is a curator of life. He is one of those rare individuals who facilitate adventures otherwise left undreamed, bringing people together who would likely never meet. Like a hummingbird he flits around the world, collecting friends, ideas and experiences to share as he goes. I don’t normally enjoy groups—being on the introverted... Continue Reading →

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