Finding the Why: What I’ve Learned About Making Music Videos

Since we released MC Flow’s “Pot in the Latkes” people keep asking me for tips on shooting music videos. I’ve been hesitant to offer any advice because I didn’t study filmmaking and feel unqualified to tell anyone else how to do it. It's something I fell into because I married a musician and happened to have a camera.... Continue Reading →

Have Passport, Will Travel

This week’s post was intended to be light and fluffy, but after hearing of a fourth friend’s death in three weeks and attending a beautifully teary memorial yesterday, I’m not feeling particularly light. Reflective, yes. Light, no. So I find myself asking: What makes a life well-lived? I have not yet accomplished what I want... Continue Reading →

I Have Given My Last F#@k

  I have always admired eccentric old ladies who say and do whatever they want, and I finally see how they come to the point where all of their fucks have been given. I’ve been in a pattern of being less interesting by wasting time not fully being myself—placating and worrying how I come across... Continue Reading →

Faith, Death and Energy

The other night, as I tucked my seven-year old son into bed, he said, “I hope there’s a heaven.” “Have you been thinking about death?” I asked. He nodded as he sunk beneath his covers and cried. A very close friend’s mother died recently and I had underestimated its affect on him. While it’s not... Continue Reading →

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